What messaging themes speak loudest to consumers?

By November 12, 2017July 9th, 2018Marketing

People are smart and there is no questions about it. Regardless of ethnicity, education level or awareness towards a specific market, the subconscious intelligence of every vancouverite can identify which marketing messages are worth paying attention to and which ones are plain garbage!

The way our team at Synues Interactive sees it, the marketing message is about the emotional trigger points. In order to effectively connect with the audience, the challenge is to know what the audience needs, wants and is willing to pay attention to. This multi-layered marketing perspective works only when the message is authentic, solve a problem and ultimately invokes the audience to take action even simply by remembering.

Reaching your audience is an important component of any ad campaign, but what good is ad reach if it doesn’t resonate with the audience? A recent Nielsen global online survey discussed the trust levels across earned, owned and paid advertising formats, but effective campaigns require more than identifying the right channel for reaching consumers. It’s also about delivering the right message.

Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience research shows that highly successful ads score well on three dimensions: attention, conversion to long-term memory and emotional engagement. So how can marketers ensure that their ads stand out on these factors? In Nielsen’s latest Global Trust in Advertising Survey, we asked 30,000 online consumers which advertising themes are most impactful. The findings shine light on the types of messages they most enjoy—and not surprisingly, they often differ by region and generation.