Systematically designed to connect & engage decision makers

A Process Driven by Distinction

Boltis synchronizes Real Estate Presell Marketing and Brand Development strategies through a boutique approach to deliver tangible results. We provide unpredictable and engaging home buyer experiences through market data, design and technology. Every residential Real Estate project deserves a marketing platform not just to stand taller but to out-stand the competition.

How Boltis Translates Real Estate Marketing


With a clear perspective of the dynamic Real Estate market and demographic profiles, we determine what influences buyers and investors. Our multi-disciplinary team at Boltis connect the wants and needs of home buyers with hidden lifestyle opportunities within neighborhoods of Vancouver. We optimize sales strategies in competitive markets while building trust through quality driven development brands.

Core Values

We are grounded by values that stem from transparency, positivity and timeless craftsmanship. We don’t use steel and hammers to forge metal, but we use our insight on the market in combination with out creative talent to create premium home buying experiences. We achieve a high quality of production through a multi-layered system that extends the value of investing systematic project marketing.


Being part of meaningful decisions is what we thrive on. The home buying experience is one that is never easily forgotten and should always reflect on positive emotions. Understanding the complex decision making process of buyers enables us to be the best and most passionate story tellers.  We believe in authentic connections that translate into trust between Real Estate developers and home buyers.


We progress with the dynamic landscape of technology. We are fortunate enough to have developed the instinct to forecast the impact of technology and its influence on marketing. Our future goals are focused around collective growth while integrating latest design and technologies methods to  to create seamless marketing communications and transactions.