Understanding the Presale Buyer

Understanding the demographics

What makes a presle project sell quickly in Vancouver?

What drawns in real buyers willing to invest in Vancouver’s dramatic Real Estate market?

Is the marketing formula the same for every type of residential development?

All developers regardless of number of years in the business or scale of projects have these questions. Executing the answers correctly within the context of each project will determine the success or failure of the much needed new housing inventory of Vancouver’s lower mainland.

Considering British Columbia’s positive economic forecast for 2019 and the upward trend of inflation, it would be naive for buyers to wait for presale bargains and unrealistic for developers to maximize margins through higher pricing.  The truth of the matter is that the Real Estate landscape has dramatically shifted in multiple fronts, resulting in normalized market conditions.

From the dramatic B20 mortgage lending stress test to the increasing prime rate and clarity of the USMC deal replacing NAFTA all point to economic conditions in BC returning to affordable levels.  While the international investors struggle to move their funds to Canadian banks, the opportunity to own apartments and townhomes for local middle class buyers of Vancouver seems much more optimistic.  Understanding this demographics is vital to developers introducing new projects to the market.

So, what makes a presle project sell quickly in Vancouver? 

For a presale project to sale quickly, value, transparency and innovation are the recipes for a successful project launch.  The millennial along with the downsizer demographics have been waiting with frustration to get in to the Real Estate market at a reasonable price. They have been self-educated and now much more experienced than before.  A presale presentation not delivering a strong promise will not be able to produce firm deals regardless of the value proposition.

What drawns in real buyers willing to invest in Vancouver’s dramatic Real Estate market?

The bells and whistles don’t impress the buyers as much anymore. The expected standards must be met to support the lifestyle the new buyers demand to be included with their new home.  For instance, a building without adequate amenities or poorly designed living spaces immediately deter buyers from lining up and paying deposits.  The value proposition must be strong enough not just through spending development funds on features, but passionately configuring and designing lifestyles is what ignites the excitement for buyers to line up and happily signing contracts.

Is the Marketing formula the same for every type of residential development?

The short answer is no. Covering the basics of having a thoughtful brand with effective online and offline presentation are mandatory. On the surface the optics will seem similar, however, it is the message and the emotional connection curated specifically for each project that will trigger interest in home buyers.  Synues Interactive specializes in finding the hidden and often neglected features of neighbourhoods needed to create a cohesive storyline that connects with the target demographic.

With the Vancouver Real Estate market normalizing, the message needs to be more clear that before; More authentic and believable than before.  Boltis Real Estate Marketing & Sales focuses on empowering mid-size developers of Vancouver with the right Marketing Strategy and Sales approach.

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