Altrust Brand By Boltis


A unique brand in the Real Estate finance world had to created with a strong concept. Once that would connect with the major decisions makers and those who appreciate a sophisticated mindset.


The Aultrust brand concept is based on a strength, simplicity and anchored trust. The brand is focused on creating visual connection in a way that is understandable and relatable in the financial world.


• Marketing Consultation
• Brand Design
• Identity Look and Feel
• Marketing Collateral Design
• Website Design & Development

Color & material

Bold, timeless and attractive while relating to the transactional nature of investment, growth and value. The black, gold and neutral grey tones selected for this brand further complement the concept of the logo.

Flat Black
Matte Gold
Concrete Grey
Altrust Brand By Boltis
Altrust Brand By Boltis

The Aultrust stationary package further completed the overall concept in order for the company and their clients to connect with the quality of service through premium selection of office components.

The final and most dynamic part of the Aultrust brand is represented through their website.  With an unconventional and unpredictable approach in design, the Aultrust website reflects on the strength and simplicity of brand.

Altrust Website By Boltis