Creating a fun, engaging online experience based on a well established brand with a complex fusion of music, art and sushi.


With focus on art and music, we created an animated narrative based on a 2D isometric view of Tokyo city and applied the mascot (Astro Boy) as the hero. Everything else was then history.


• Creative Direction
• Brand Touch up
• Custom Website Design
• 2D isometric Animation

• Custom Game Design
• Photography
• Content Writing
• 8bit SoundTrack Selection

Color & material

Entering the Eatery restaurants, colors is all you see! We chose a color palette that emit the most amount of energy while stayed true to the retro theme of the brand.

Magenta M

PANTONE Hexachrome

Cyan M

PANTONE Hexachrome

Yellow M

PANTONE Hexachrome

The Sushi Maker was an interactive custom game developed to allow website visitors to create their own magical sushi recipe, come up with a creative name and submit it to the restaurant. If chosen, The Eatery would feature the recipe on the menu for a limited time.

The game ran a successful campaign and allowed the restaurant to gauge a deeper level of interaction with the menu items, the website and the brand.